COLOR. Do you have a story to tell?


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Wanda and I love the Color Stories® line of paints from Benjamin Moore.

These paints have depth and intensity…they’re more saturated and the colors are richer.
Just one of the many reasons we recommend Benjamin Moore paints to many of our design clients. 


One of Wanda’s new particular favorites from Benjamin Moore’s Color Stories® line is, not surprisingly, from the volume entitled Shades of Gray.  It’s a really lovely neutral but distinct light taupe called SEA SALT (CSP-95).


OLD-SOUL-CSP-65Also from the Shades of Gray book we recommend OLD SOUL (CSP-65)
I’d describe it as a warm cement color…very versatile.


SKIPPING-STONE-CSP-155A favorite of mine is from the Naturally Neutral volume – SKIPPING STONE (CSP-155).  It’s a very pale green with a grayish undertone.  It offers subtle shading that plays beautifully with light.


GREENWICH-GATE-CSP-170Another color from the Naturally Neutral group is GREENWICH GATE (CSP-170) BM says this color is inspired by the limestone entryways of The Village’s walk-ups.  A cool tone that is perfect for modern interiors.  Love it.



French-Macaroon-finalFrom the volume Earthen Hues, I just love FRENCH MACAROON (CSP-335) – It would be stunning in a baby’s room.
To me it has a “feminine” quality.


Looking to Tell a Bolder Story?

For those of you who are interested in something more intense.  Wanda recently had clients who wanted to incorporate some brighter, more intense colors into their home’s color palette.  Here’s what she recommended.


tomato-tango-1145From the Fiery Sunset Collection –  TOMATO TANGO (CSP-1145) This is a fun, bold red that makes a
real statement.

MEXICAN-HOT-CHOCOLATE-1080Also part of the Fiery Sunset group – MEXICAN HOT CHOCOLATE (CSP-1080) Can’t you totally see this
color on the walls of a library with with leather chairs?

Have fun playing with color on Benjamin Moore’s fantastic interactive website.  And remember, if you need help with choosing the right paint colors or any design questions, we’re here at your service.  Just email me at and we’ll set you up with an affordable design consultation…right in your own home!



  • Michael says:

    I’m confused with the color sea salt csp 95. Most descriptions say it is a blue-gray which would mean a cool gray. I am thinking about using it but your comment says a l”light taupe” which is what I want. Can you please explain more about this color.
    Thank you,

  • Rhonda Hurwitz says:

    It’s a taupe and not a blue gray. Put it up and very disappointed, will have to repaint. To much brown/yellow in it

    • Auntie M says:

      In answer to both Michael’s and Rhonda’s comments, it is important to keep in mind computer monitor screen colors vary widely. It is always best to get paint samples to try on your wall or on a good-sized sample board to see what the color will look like in the room BEFORE you commit to painting an entire room with it.

  • Julie Miller says:

    Yes, it is confusing because Sherwin Williams also has a blue-gray color called Sea Salt. Two completely different colors.

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