“Make Map Art” – Creative and Educational Fun for Kids (of ALL ages)

Is there a “Road Map to Happiness”?
There just might be!

We recently got this book/kit at Hammertown and of course, who better to test it on, than my own grandchildren.  The result was…they loved it and it turns out, I loved it too!

Make Map Art is a “creative took kit” that contains everything map lovers, young and old, need to create custom frame-worthy map art. The instructional booklet includes projects ranging from personalized party invitations to a “Road Map to Happiness”, all easily crafted from the fill-in map templates, legends, and icons included. The bonus is a poster-size world map for charting global destinations.  We decided to start with a “Road Map to Happiness”!

Truly…this is fun for the whole family and not only do you learn about places around the world…you also learn (especially when creating the maps we did) more about what makes the people you love happy.





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