Who is Melody “Whoopsy Daisy”? How much time do you have?

Melody ‘Whoopsy Daisy’ Newcombe
is brilliant!

Even though Melody is the 2012 National Face Painting 1st Place Award Winner, calling her  just a face-painter doesn’t do her justice.  She is also a magician, balloon twister, caricaturist, ventriloquist, puppeteer…and the list goes on.  She was at the birthday party of a friend of my granddaughters and we were all blown away!  And the kids (and adults) loved her.  Here’s Lillie’s “review”

Melody is a very amazing artist and makes beautiful face paint. This amazes me because she is not only a face painter but a magician and balloon maker. Not only this but she was a nice person in general. I would love to have her at my birthday party!


Both Lillie and I highly recommend Melody “Whoopsy Daisy” Newcombe.
Here is how you can get in touch with her.