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Caleb Barber and Deirdre Heekin, proprietors of Osteria Pane e Salute in Woodstock, VT are like family to me.  

Hailed by Food and Wine in their 50 Most Amazing Wine Experiences in America, their restaurant and wine bar are defined by an Italian revitalist menu and wine list, offering traditional regional dishes paired with indigenous varietal wines. Members of SlowFood and the Vermont Fresh Network, Caleb and Deirdre have created a landscape-inspired kitchen and work with local farmers for ingredients, as well as growing their own produce. In 2007, they were awarded Restaurateurs of the Year by the Vermont Hospitality Council.

Over 15 years ago my daughter, Dana, and her husband, Jamey, lived in Woodstock, VT and both worked  for Deirdre and Caleb when they first opened Pane Salute.  At that time it was a little bakery/cafe.  Jamey would work with Caleb every morning (3 or 4 AM) baking bread and Dana worked with Deirdre in their osteria, and so began their incredible friendship.

We have followed Deirdre and Caleb along their incredibly successful path every since; receiving national attention for their restaurant, their vineyard, their farm and their life!

You’ll get all the details on the beginnings of their journey by downloading Part One of our interview with them (click to download here)

I am proud to say they are also included in our soon-to-be-released book, Love Where You Live.

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