Greetings from Maine!

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The depiction of Maine in old vintage postcards might be amusing but today there is so much more to this state than lobsters and pine trees. Though I must admit, this week I did learn some new things about lobsters!

YES….I’m in Maine again!  I have to say…it’s astonishing. Every time I visit here I never fail to be inspired by something or someone, and this week’s visit was no exception.

So here’s a pictorial journal of my discoveries on this trip.  [click photos to enlarge]

One of my first stops was The Marston House in Wiscasset, ME.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, it is considered by many to be one of the finest antiques, furniture and textile shops on the East Coast.  We’re going to do a whole story about The Marston House when I return but here are just a few shots to whet your appetites.

Now…what I learned about Lobster.  Lobsters are distant cousins of the grasshopper.  Some people, like Vicki, prefer to eat the female because she loves the roe (also called “coral”) of which I am not a fan. We asked our guy at Kirby’s Lobster place “how do you tell the difference?”

Islesboro, Maine – I definitely found another “I could live here” place when I visited the home of Hammertown friends/customers Karen & Bayard Hollins (formerly of Millbrook) on this quaint and quiet little island in Penobscot Bay.  It has a population of about 650 people which increases substantially during the summer months.

I had such a relaxing time this week in Maine but alas, it was time to come home.  However, as I was making my way south through Wiscasset, I drove past the Marston House once more.  I stopped in front of the shop.  There was something in the window that had caught my eye and I just wanted to have one more look.  So I did.  And, you won’t believe what happened!

I’ll tell you next week 🙂




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  • Wonderful post! This brought me right back to Maine. I could smell the air and feel the sun and breeze on my face. Thank goodness I am scheduled to go there myself in a couple of weeks. I couldn’t take the yearning without the promise of a upcoming visit.

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