“The Boutique Hammertown” – Our Gt. Barrington store gets a well-deserved makeover!!


Before…antique French counter with previous color walls behind

The staff of Hammertown/Great Barrington like to describe our shop as the “boutique version” of Hammertown…that is, we are the smallest in square footage. However, though small, we are mighty!  Hammertown/GB had the best year EVER last year, thanks to our amazing customers.

However, I felt it was time to spruce up the shop interior…to reflect the renewed vibe of our staff and to inspire more design conversations with our customers.

Our generous boss, Joan, gave us the green light to step up our look. I made some rough sketches & then had many discussions with GB staff members/design consultants Drew Evans and Diana Holmes. They always have creative and valuable design suggestions, besides being great collaborators.


Camilla assisting with install of new counter, before new countertops or paint

The walls were sadly in need of repair & a new paint job, so our wonderful painter (Mike McCarthy) patched and painted three of the walls in Farrow & Ball’s “Lamp Room Gray”.

Our existing counter, a French antique, was charming but not as efficient as we needed. Storage space was sadly lacking, making it a challenge to stay organized. We also needed elbow room behind the cash station so two people could work smoothly with customers.

We worked with carpenter, Bob Williams, to design and build a new wrap-around counter with tons of storage and a chic zinc countertop from Tim Jones.  The base of the counter & the wall behind it were then painted in Farrow & Ball’s “Downpipe”, for a dramatic contrast with the rest of the walls.

Well, what do you think?


Love how these Farrow & Ball colors work together!

We at Hammertown/GB are pretty crazy about it! We have tripled our storage, and are now able to keep things both organized and looking good! We have room for two staffers (and sometimes their dogs…) behind the counter. The raised counter height is much more ergonomic. The walls look clean and fresh, and we are very pleased with the new paint palette. (click photos to enlarge)

Hammertown/GB has now gone from being “The Little Hammertown That Could” to our new reveal as “The Boutique Hammertown”…which is how we saw ourselves all along!

Please stop by next time you’re in the Berkshires to see the shop improvements & chat with our staff. We love to talk design, so would enjoy hearing about your projects. Bring in pictures, a sample of fabric, or just your wish to make changes in your space…we can work together to come up with some interesting & stylish solutions for your design dilemmas.

Camilla Gray, Manager
Hammertown Gt. Barrington

Design Consultants:  Drew Evans, Diana Holmes, Mary Rembold

PS Our former counter is for sale!  $800/cash & carry.
Call Hammertown/GB for details at 
(413) 528-7766

Hammertown Design Team Resources: to inquire about Bob Williams, Tim Jones or Mike McCarthy email joan@hammertown.com


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