Last week it was Mona…this week I love Clifton.

What can I say…attraction is so fluid these days!

Of course I love him!  Sturdy, clean lines and so handsome.  I can take him anywhere…including the Clifton Sectional below, which just found a  home in Manhattan at Trump Towers.


Order your very own Clifton Sectional during our MG+BW Special Order Sale and you’ll save 20%.  If you don’t want to wait, ask your sales associate what we already have in stock.

So much style. Plenty of curl-up comfort too. Imagine the many sectional configurations you can create. That sleek and simple but oh-so-comfortable lounge, with comfy padded side pillows. And — you can choose from over 250 fabrics (including leather).  This sectional makes a great stand alone piece or add another sectional to create a cozy “sectional environment” with tons of seating.

Wow…now can you see why I love him?

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