A Room of Her Own (Part One)

A Room of Her Own – A Godsend!

Imagine trying to balance your own checkbook in a small room while phones are ringing, dogs are barking, two people are discussing furniture orders, others are talking on the phone, the UPS man comes….you get the idea.  Now imagine you are Hammertown’s Office Manager and Bookkeeper, Mary Orlandi, trying to do your job.  We finally heard her pleas of “will you all please get out of here or be quiet!” and agreed it was time to create “A Room of Her Own” for Mary.

The question was “where?”  The answer was right under our noses and just steps away from The Barn.  We decided to clear out the laundry room in the Main House and give it a Hammertown Makeover.

Here’s what it looked like just weeks ago (click photos to enlarge)

Of course, for our Hammertown Design Team, any great space design starts with our Space Planner Camilla Mathlein, who studies how to best use the limited space.  Here’s how she has envisioned Mary’s new office.

With the excellent help of builder/painter/carpenter extraordinaire, Mike McCarthy, we then cleared out the space and built in a new desk and added some framing in accordance with Camilla’s drawings which, as you might notice, show that the washer & dryer will now be stacked in it’s own closet-like area to save space.

After a little more prep, the painting begins and soon we’ll be ready for the rest of the Hammertown Design Team to do their jobs — design and styling!

Stay tuned for PART TWO!


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