I’ve managed to squeeze in  another trip (before the holiday shopping season) to my favorite getaway — Belfast, Maine.

“Long Grain” Thai restaurant

I know I write about this place a lot but I have to say, every time I go I find something brand new in the area or learn more about things I already knew.

My friend Vicki and I stopped in at a new restaurant in Camden called LONG GRAIN.  It’s an amazing Thai restaurant.  The person sitting next to us had just returned from Paris and told me she ate at a Michelin-rated Paris restaurant last month and said the curries at LONG GRAIN were by far, more spectacular!

I knit & felted these slippers for Lillie

One of the things I JUST missed was Maine’s famous Common Ground Country Fair (which is featured on the front page of today’s NYT’s Home Section)  It’s a wonderful fair with so many things I’m interested in.  In particular — events for Fiber Fans.  I’m not talking “oat bran”…I’m talking wool, fleece, spinning, dyeing, weaving.  Being the avid knitter I am, I’m determined to get there next year.

And, speaking of knitting — here’s a little something I did on a rainy day during this trip.

But back to the Fair.  By a very happy coincidence, it turned out my friend and photographer extraordinaire, Lynn Karlin, DID go to the fair with her camera.  She was kind enough to share some photos of this year’s fair with us.  (click images to enlarge)

I dropped by the now-famous restaurant Lost Kitchen I told you about last time I was here.  I  snapped these photos of their preparation for tonight’s dinner.

Lynn’s Pedestal Series photographs will be on exhibit starting next week at the Maine Farmland Trust Gallery though November 14th (see more here).  She also sent me some of her gorgeous new “Mushroom Series” of photographs which will be featured in an upcoming issue of “Garden Design” AND will soon be coming to Hammertown — in time for  holiday gift-giving!!  Here’s a sneak peek (click images to enlarge)

I’ll be rested and refreshed and back at the Barn this weekend so I hope I’ll be seeing you.





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