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~Living the Local Life
at The Farmer’s Wife~

Joan wanted me to feature Job Yacubian’s Cucumber Soup as this week’s recipe, so I drove down to The Farmer’s Wife around noon, planning to just get a photo of the soup and be on my way.  What I found within minutes of arriving was a never-ending stream of people I know through Hammertown or from the neighborhood.  It was like “Cheers” without the booze.  No wonder Joan loves coming here for lunch!

Hammertown Marketing Consultant, Gary Delemeester and Jeff Daly, of Jeff Daly Design, (below left) came in to meet their friends, Dick and George, who live near Hotchkiss in Connecticut, for lunch….something they apparently do quite regularly.


While waiting for the Cucumber Soup, I spotted a yummy-looking flatbread with Sky Farm spinach, smoked mozzarella, roasted peppers and pesto (above).

Job is always coming up with new seasonal temptations.  He asked if I wanted to try it.  How could I say no?  Gary and Jeff’s friends still hadn’t arrived so we shared a table–and my flatbread–which was absolutely delicious!  Gary ordered some of Job’s Fabulous Fried Chicken and Jeff was going for the Cucumber Soup as well.

My soup arrived first.  Job had “styled” it beautifully.  As I started taking some photos, Andy  Szymanowicz and his crew from Sol Flower Farm came in.  They looked hot, tired and dusty but all were in good spirits.  Turns out Andy and company are also regulars at The Farmer’s Wife and they provide Job with a lot of his produce.  Andy said they’ve been irrigating a lot since we haven’t had a good soaking rain since the beginning of June.  We all agreed to pray for rain.

Sol Flower, by the way, will be participating in the upcoming FARM ON event at Copake Lake (click here) as will Amazing Real Live Food (just up the road from Farmer’s Wife).  That’s Sarah Chase (in pink) with the Sol Flower group.  Her brother Rory is one of the cheese-making owners of Amazing Real Live Co.

While I  was eating my fantastically refreshing and tasty cucumber soup, Monica Cleveland (Ancram Town Clerk) and her daughter, Sydney, dropped in to get a soda.  They were on their way to Rhinebeck to prepare for the ENY Junior Black & White Show at the Dutchess County Fairgrounds.  (Almost) eleven-year-old Sydney (right) is showing her cow, “Variety”,  this year.  It’s a lot of work getting these Holsteins ready to show but she’s really excited about it.  We wished her luck as they left.

Gary and Jeff’s lunch arrived (but still no Dick and George).  It was all I could do to keep from stealing a piece of Gary’s crispy fried chicken.  Look at it…could you resist?

I realized I’d spent far more time than I’d planned at The Farmer’s Wife so I bid farewell to Job and Gary and Jeff (who were still waiting for their friends).

As I drove home I looked out at the fields of tall corn and the dairy cows in the pasture and thought what a wonderful place we live in, and how comforting it is to know places like The Farmer’s Wife exist; a place where everybody is connected in one way or another.  I guess that’s what community and living local is all about.

Thanks Job and Emilie for creating such a place!

p.s.  When I got home this photo from Gary was waiting for me.  Dick and George had finally arrived!

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The Farmer’s Wife
Intersection of County Routes 3, 8 & Rt.  82
Ancramdale, NY 12503


  • Beth says:

    So, no address for this destination? Or is that part of its cache?!

    Will just click my heels together…

    • Auntie M says:

      Yes “Dorothy”…unlike Oz, it’s a real place with an address:) I should have included it. I’ll add it to our post right now.

  • Karen Tullock says:

    Was just wondering where this wonderful restaurant is so that I may partake in the cuisine. Thanks!!

  • J Hylton says:

    A beautifully written piece on The Farmer’s Wife and the true pleasures of living in a very special part of the world.
    Thanks, Mary & Joan!

  • Auntie M says:

    Thank you Janice. Karen, The Farmer’s Wife is located “smack-dab in the middle” of Ancramdale, NY at the intersection of Routes 3, 82 and 8.

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