“Simply White”…Is there such a thing?

Joan & Wanda’s Favorite White & Off-White Paints

In this week’s “Love Where You Live” Radio show Joan and Wanda talk
about their favorite thing — PAINT COLOR

Their focus in this installment are their favorite “whites” & “off-whites” so we’re including them here on our website.  According to research the average human eye can perceive 3 million colors with highly sensitive or artistic types able to see 7 million.  So, the idea of a color being “simply white” or “simply” anything is unrealistic.  So here are a few of the MANY variations of Joan & Wanda’s favorite “whites”.

PLEASE BE AWARE these sample colors are for comparison only.  Before you purchase any paint, get a sample can of it and paint a good-sized swatch of it (at least 1′ x 3′) on a large board or piece of sheet rock and see what it looks like in the room and during different times of the day.  With that said, here are the colors Joan and Wanda talked about.  (click to hear the Podcast)  They are from either Benjamin Moore or Farrow & Ball.

[Click images to enlarge]