Shout Outs for this Week

Two Documentary Films by local residents to be included in the Berkshire International Film Festival

 Leon Smith: A Life of Art

Jay Corcoran is an Ancram resident and a documentary filmmaker. His films, Life and Death on the A-List, Undetectable, New York Diary and Rock Bottom have been broadcast on PBS Independent Lens, NHK, CBC, Here! networks and Thirteen/WNET, as well as many museums and festivals around the world.

On his numerous visits to Smith’s sculpture garden on Woods Rd., he kept hoping he would run into the creative genius who made these mind-altering sculptures. After four years, he got his chance, during last year’s Art Walk. Corcoran introduced himself to Smith and asked if he could follow him with his camera for a few days. Smith and his family and friends could not have been more accessible and accommodating. Their openness paid off and made for a really entertaining glimpse into the mind of an artist at the peak of his powers.

Leon and wife, Elaine will be attending the Sunday Screening Q&A.  Click here more information & to buy tickets.

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In My Lifetime

IN MY LIFETIME, by Ancramdale resident, Robert Frye, will also be in the Berkshire Film Festival.

The film is meant to be a wakeup call for humanity, to help develop an understanding of the realities of the nuclear weapon, to explore ways of presenting the answers for “a way beyond” and to facilitate a dialogue moving towards resolution of this Gordian knot of nuclear weapons gripping the world.  Read more about the film here

Click here for more information and to buy tickets