I, like so many of you, have so missed my weekly dose of all the local news Rural Intelligence provided.  Original owners, Dan Shaw and Marilyn Bethany wrote wonderful restaurant reviews, articles about style, arts & culture and of course their very popular “parties and openings” stories were must-reads by so many of our Hammertown customers as well as thousands more in our neck of the woods.  Happily, we heard from Dan  the other day and he told us the great news and we’re thrilled to share it.

“This fall and winter I’ve seen so many stories that I know our Rural Intelligence audience would have loved to read,” says Shaw. “Now I’m happy that we’ll once again be able to share these stories.” Says Bethany, “The postcard-pretty villages and scenic farmland in this region are so lulling it’s easy to miss what’s exciting – topnotch restaurants, entertainment, art, shopping. Rural Intelligence offers a map to the hidden treasure, but, more important, through insightful and entertaining writing, it energizes readers so they can’t wait to join the fun.”  – Rural Intelligence (April 11, 2012)

And what better way to share it (in detail) than to send you right to the source:  RURAL INTELLIGENCE

Welcome back Rural Intelligence…we missed you!



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