Red Tag Room Makeover: Part One

Recently a customer called us looking for a total overhaul of her living room. Having built their home from the ground up, she and her husband had spent so much energy on the construction of the house, that this room had been left somewhat undone. They needed help both designing the look of the room and furnishing it. Our team was more than happy to help. Beginning with an on-site consultation, we set to work coming up with a plan to transform the living room….

During that first visit we assess the space and the current collection of furniture and also discuss and investigate the individual tastes and needs of our client. In this particular case, we used their current sofas (which they wanted to replace) as guinea pigs in our layout plan. The room we arrived to view looked completely changed when we left, even without any new items. Simply rearranging the furniture they had (bringing in a dining table from the kitchen and moving the sofas) we were able to get a sense of what furniture was needed and where it would go when it arrived.

The next step was to provide options for furniture to fill the rooms. By moving the dining table, we had now opened up a space for a kitchen sitting area and needed three sofas and four chairs plus lots of accessories to fill the space. Timing was perfect for everyone involved. With all our new merchandise slated to arrive soon, January and February is our time to clear house and there are a lot of amazing furniture deals to be had. Plus, storewide discounts on home accessories like lamps, rugs and pillows.

As you can see from our design proposals, we were able to find everything they needed right here in-stock and much of it was on Red Tag reduction. With delivery slated for next week, this family will be sitting pretty in their new living room before you know it.

Next step…add dimension and soul to the space by arranging art work and finding new and interesting items to add layers to the design. Check in later this month to see the “after” pics of their fabulous new living room and follow the Hammertown Design Team process.

Each of our three stores has dedicated and knowledgeable staff to help you choose just what you need for your space.

If you are interested in finding out more about our on-site design services, please email joan@hammertown to connect with one of our interior specialists. 

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