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If you have yet to listen to our “Love Where You Live” radio show this week (click here), the topic was design blogs – a theme that could easily take over multiple radio hours if I had my way! That said, our show is just 15 minutes and I think we did a good job of summarizing some of the best blogs as well as some good time management ideas regarding their perusal. Here in our blog I thought it would be a good idea to put some of the ideas we discussed in writing. Home design and lifestyle blogs are so important these days. The dwindling supply of shelter magazines (partially a result of internet offerings) makes them an ever-present force in the interior design world as well an amazing way to expose readers to vast design aesthetics and points of view.

WHAT IS A BLOG: While I am pretty sure that I am preaching to the choir here, let me start with brief description of what a blog is and the two basic categories of blog that I visit. I consider a blog (a merging of the words web log) to be simply defined as a website (or part of a website) that includes regular entries about a series of related ideas. The wikipedia definition confirmed my thoughts. A blog is an online journal of sorts with commentary about a particular theme or subject. Some blogs are more personal than others and really highlight a specific person’s ideas about life and style, while others are more general in content and can include multiple contributors. For me this is the core distinction between the blogs I frequent. Some are broad scoping, “magazine style” blogs that highlight products, visit people’s homes and come from a variety of perspectives, while others are very personal assertions from someone who wants to share their daily musings and (in my case) design ideas. While I love both types of blogs, the personal ones are my favorite. I love getting a little window into the real life of someone who I respect and whose ideals and aesthetic are similar (or not so similar in some cases) to my own. Moreover, I am forever thrilled by the inspiration I get from these women who have made a profession out of sharing their thoughts and ideas with the world.

HOW I READ BLOGS: Most blogs have daily or weekly “feeds” to which you can subscribe. I manage all my blog subscriptions via “google reader” (as suggested to me by Anna at, a blog I have followed for years) and I can not understate how much this changed my productivity and enjoyment level when it comes to surfing the internet and reading blogs. This is how you do it: go to home screen. Once there you will see a black menu bar at the top with various options. The last in the row simply says “more” with a small arrow next to it. The menu under this tab includes “reader” and once you are there you can add subscriptions by clicking the “+ add a subscription” bar in the upper left corner of the screen. The good thing here is that you can simply cut and paste the blog address into the box and it will automatically sign you up for the feed. What I really love about Google reader is that it separates my blog feeds from my emails. I used to always get sidetracked while reading emails for work and fall into the blog abyss. Well no more. When I have time to peruse blogs or need a little inspiration I simply go to my google reader and everything is there for me to see. Another perk is that the blogs are first shown in a simple list form with none of the adverts or sidebars…simply the article names for each entry. If i see something I like, I click on it and away I go.

BLOGS I LOVE: As promised on air, here is a simple list of some of my favorite blogs (the first two are described as they are my longest running faves). Many are home design related but some are about life, cooking, crafting, knitting, mothering or anything I find inspires me. I would love to hear from our readers about their favorite blogs. In my experience word of mouth is the best way to make new discoveries. So let’s start a comment thread going readers….I can’t wait to hear from you. This blog is one that I really love. It’s founder Grace Bonney launched the blog in 2004 and it has grown to be one of the most diverse and interesting “magazine style” blogs out there. From fabulous “before and after” ideas to city guides, house tours and diy genius, this blog runs the gamut. Better still, Grace and Design Sponge just published their first book (available at Hammertown of course) and it does not disappoint. I love reading this blog and getting my daily dose of design inspiration. This blog is what I call a “magazine style” blog (I made that up to refer to blogs with multiple contributors) in that it focuses on images of interiors and specific products to supply its readers with ideas and inspiration for their own home design work. As the name states, if you are doing an interior or exterior “remodel”, this sight is a amazing resource and I refer to it all the time. That said, even when I want to make small changes that will have larger reaching impact, I always consult Their subtitle is “Sourcebook for the Considered Home” and that really says it all. I love their daily entries as well with articles on architects, hotels and shops around the globe and product reviews. Each day there are six ‘articles’ and without fail I read them all. The specific remodeling resources and interior inspirational shots are what set this site apart from many other home design blogs.  .  .   .   .    .    .     .   .    .    .    .   .    .

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