“A Goodbye to a House”

Saying goodbye to Roundfield Farm reminded me of Bunny Williams’ book, “An Affair with a House”, in that it feels like we really do fall in love with our homes but like human relationships, sometimes we outgrow them or sometimes they outgrow us.

My children had places of their own, and my need to make my life easier, simpler and more free was calling. It took me months to say I was ready. How could I ever leave such a beautiful place?  But, life tells you when you are ready for that change, and I realized it was time to pass the home I loved down to another family.  A family I hope will respect the land and this extraordinary space.  The beautiful, big round field — where my granddaughters romped and my dogs played; where my friends took their wedding vows; and where we laid two of our dogs to rest — will always hold a special place in my heart.

Last week it was time for me to say my final goodbye and I did.

It wasn’t an easy thing to do, but ironically, while working on my book, Love Where You Live, with Abby Westlake, I realized during the photo shoots in other people’s homes and in listening to the stories of their affairs with their homes that Roundfield Farm wouldn’t be my last love.  I believe I’ll fall in love with a house again but I’ll never forget my dear Roundfield.  I’ll cherish all the wonderful memories my family, my friends, and many of you helped me create there forever.




  • Joan,

    I get it! The house is beautiful. Welcome to your new chapter. I’m sure it will be filled with happiness.


  • Cheryl B. says:

    Selling a house with such wonderful memories is bittersweet but I have learned that all the memories you hold dear are not within the walls of the house, but in your heart where they’ll always reside wherever you go!

  • howard berg says:

    Joan ………. you’ll start collecting new memories wherever you are. Your just that kind of a girl. Love you, hb

  • pat says:


    I am in the same position but shedding two beloved homes. A funky shack on Hunns Lake where I found my aesthetic “voice” and the other a stunning Arts & Crafts that I learned to love over 30 years.

    But I have found my new love — a sleek modern over looking the Hudson and I am gob-smacked. You will be, too. I have no doubt.

    And your memories travel with you….anywhere.

    Best of luck!


  • Kate Hilsenbeck says:

    Here’s to your next chapter!

  • Teri says:

    I understand – those of us who are nesters do fall in love with our homes. Leaving them can bring some tears, but as others here have said, the memories will go with you and your home is wherever you and your loved ones are. To the future!


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