Sol Flower Farm featured on Martha Stewart’s website!

What a wonderful surprise to find one of our Hammertown Choices on Martha Stewart’s website!

Tony Bielaczyc, Deputy Garden Editor, visited the Millbrook Farmer’s Market last week and had a lot of nice things to say about Sol Flower Farm in  Ancramdale, NY.  Congratulations Andy!

Here’s part of the article.  By the way, Patsy Pollack (featured in one of the photos) also happens to be a Hammertown customer and friend!

August 8, 2011

Millbrook Farmers’ Market Find
Posted by Tony Bielaczyc

My friend Patsy Pollack standing in front of Sol Flower Farms' booth at the Millbrook Farmers Market

This past weekend I beat the heat of the city by going to one of my favorite upstate towns, Millbrook, New York. It’s a relatively quick hour and some minutes for me to get there, and it’s such a charming, quiet, easy place to be. Not to mention the very friendly people that can be found as well, such as Patsy Pollack, the head of merchandising here at Martha Stewart Living. I ran into my friend Patsy outside our favorite local hang out, Babette’s Kitchen, just before the farmers’ market was to open.

I love shopping this market. It’s not huge but still nicely varied, and the vendors all have top-quality items to offer. I “discovered” a new grower this visit, Sol Flower Farm, a CSA based in Ancramdale, New York. Here’s a bit of what is offers.

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