Hammertown is NOW on the AIR!



We are so pleased to announce that Hammertown will have a weekly radio show on Robin Hood Radio-WHDD, our local NPR station in Sharon CT.

Our show Love Where You Live will focus on design and lifestyle and will be hosted by Joan Osofsky (our fearless leader); Wanda Furman (our favorite stylist) and Rhonda Cayea (store manager extraordinaire).

“At first we were just going to talk about design but our stores as well as our website (Hammertown.com) have really become a go-to source for so much more. We truly are a lifestyle store and we’re hoping to bring that feeling to the airwaves.  We’re also planning on having lots of various guests who are experts in fields that we think our listeners will be interested in hearing about.  But most of all we want to make this a fun and entertaining show that will make you laugh and perhaps once in awhile say to yourself “Wow…I didn’t know that!”  — Joan

One of the most important components of “Love Where You Live” Radio will be you.  We’re hoping that you’ll participate by sending us comments about the show and that you’ll also offer ideas for topics.  We really want this to be interactive and we’re hoping you’ll join in.

Joan and Wanda have already taped their first two segments and we’ll be sharing them as Podcasts every week right here on our website.

Click below to listen to our first Episode.  Look for upcoming episodes next week right on our homepage.



  • Cindy McMahon says:

    Great news about the radio segment! Will Love Where You Live be available as a podcast? Robin Hood Radio makes the Rural Intelligence Report available as a podcast now. Now I can really stay in touch all year round! Best regards to all at Hammertown Barn.

    • Auntie M says:

      Yes, indeed Cindy. You’ll be able to download from our site as well as Robin Hood Radio’s website. Glad you’ll be listening.

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