Join us in supporting The Apple Project & New York’s Hard-Cider Revolution

“Never mind the tea party—it’s time New York staged a hard-cider revolution.”
(Edible Manhattan

…vibrant urban markets and the local food movement are creating new opportunities for regional farms. A rapidly growing niche market for hard cider and apple spirits offers regional apple orchards the possibility for revival.

Glynwood’s Apple Project is responding to this opportunity through a suite of efforts:

  • The Apple Exchange, a collaboration with journalist Colette Rossant, will enhance growers’ skills through a cultural/educational exchange with producers from Le Perche, France*  
  • The Hudson Valley Cider Route will promote regional cider producers to the general public.
  • Cider Week will cultivate appreciation for hard cider.

(*Interestingly, we first heard about the Apple Exchange from Allan Chapin of Le Perche Bakery & Cafe in Hudson, who is also involved in this project.  Apparently, we now share more than the world’s best baguettes with Le Perche, France!)

Glynwood Farm’s Apple Project will preserve apple orchards in the Hudson Valley by promoting the production of hard cider and apple spirits. The project will stimulate ‘apple entrepreneurship’ by encouraging the diversification of apple varieties, giving growers new resources for improved skills, and supporting a market for these products. 


We received this letter from Glynwood Farms’ Director of Special Projects and we offered to pass it on to our readers.

You can read more about the Apple Project in Edible Manhattan and Food Arts magazines.


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  • archa says:

    Kudos!! Our family are big hard cider afficianados, but can rarely find it, especially in restaurants, but also in package stores. We love the French varieties and some of the Irish ones, but miss Maeve’s Hard Cider, which was once produced in the Hudson Valley. Please keep us posted and we would love to help in any way. . .

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