Rhinebeck’s been “Furmanized”!

After receiving so many compliments on our In-Store Design Studio at the Barn, I asked stylist, Wanda Furman, to do her magic in Rhinebeck.  Store Manager, Rhonda Cayea, worked with Wanda in restyling the store and they had a great time doing it.  And the result was — well, just see for yourselves.  – Joan

I love working with Wanda Furman. The first thing we did was take away all the “distractions” before we started moving pieces around.

All the pillows — especially those with lots of color — needed to go away temporarily.  The art show was taken down because we needed to hang mirrors and move the mantle. (We re-hung everything afterward, and B.Docktor came in the following day and moved some art she wanted placed differently.)

The key to any good design is “editing” and Wanda is a master at this.  Ask any client that she has worked with.  She cuts through all the “noise” of a room and strips it down to the things that really work; discarding the items we can live without and keeping the things we can’t.  Our biggest challenge in the store was keeping the space clear of too much merchandise, while still displaying  the wonderful rugs, lighting, mirrors and art we have to offer.

We wanted to create settings … vignettes … throughout the store, and together, we mapped out the “bones” of each setting.  I learned in working with Wanda that she is very focused and we soon found ourselves lifting, pushing and dragging everything around the Gallery, including large rugs that were already there as well as some new rugs we had just received.  We both got a great work-out!

We paired furniture with fabrics that worked well together, moved many books and stacked some in bookshelves.  As you can see here, the new look and layout of the room as one enters the store is now very welcoming.

Our customers immediately loved the design and “quietness” of the room, and said they could now “see everything” as they entered.  That was good to hear!

I look forward to the working with Wanda again.  We had a good laugh at the idea of creating the “Wanda-Rhonda Show” and taking it on the road!  Make sure you come into the store and have a look…it’s an amazing transformation!  In the meantime, enjoy the photos in the gallery below (click to enlarge)



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