It’s a Wonderful Inn!

Falls Village Inn…It’s A Wonderful Life in Falls Village

I was fortunate enough to become part of the group that helped furnish the Falls Village Inn.

When owners Colin Chambers and Susan Sweetapple purchased the inn this past year, an angel descended upon them in the presence of Bunny Williams. Bunny (“An Affair with a House”) lives in Falls Village and the prospect of new owners and a new life for the dormant inn (which had been dark for 4 years) became exciting to her.

Falls Village was “her village” and Bunny, more than anyone, knew how vital it could be to their community, on so many levels.  She introduced herself to Colin and pro bono (yes pro bono),  she offered her services to help design the refurbishing of the inn…and even more amazing…she did it on a modest budget!

Soon after that I became involved.  Bunny, who is a friend, business associate, and local philanthropist to my favorite local charity Berkshire Taconic Foundation and others (Women’s Support Services) asked for Hammertown’s help.  Robin Cockerline (who also runs the Whippoorwill Farm in Salisbury, Connecticut (Whippoorwill Farm) and Pete Rich became Bunny’s eyes and started searching for furniture and accessories to fill the rooms of the inn. They approached me and let it be known…this was a job on a very tight budget. When they told me about Bunny’s involvement and her commitment to help her community have a inn and pub that would be alive and prospering, and that the need to follow budgets was key, I got on board.  I told Bunny I would help in any way possible; making tasteful choices that would be affordable to them.  After all, that is what community is all about and if Bunny needed help for this (even though I had no idea who the owner was), I was “in”.  From rugs, to lighting, to dishes, glasses and flatware, Hammertown was dedicated to help get this inn open.  And open it did…this past week.  The rest is already history.

Colin & Susan

The opening was absolutely wonderful! I finally got to meet owners, Colin and Susan. You would have thought I was royalty the way I was greeted…they were so appreciative of all that Hammertown had done.  On my part, I was thrilled to meet these genuine, caring people who threw themselves into a project that took on a life, to say the least, that was quite unexpected.  To have Bunny Williams, one of the premier interior designers in the country, offer her help pro bono and bring a team of people on to breath new life into this now tastefully charming inn I’m sure was more than they ever could have imagined.

After visiting the inn, I realized it wasn’t just Bunny.  The whole community had come together to help make the inn all that it should be…an authentic gathering place for locals and visitors…warm and welcoming…with simple, fresh and local food and drink.A friendly crowd in the Tap Room.

This is truly a “gathering place”.  Where friends and neighbor come to share food and drink and feel a sense of community.  And let’s not forget the “inn”…the rooms, furnished on a budget, with the coolest flea market, tag sale, antique store finds in the world– have incredible charm and personality! (see photos below)

The Falls Village Inn has brought new life to this quaint town. It is abundant with soul and spirit and you can tell the owners love what they do…re-opening this inn and bringing it back to life and engaging the entire community.  What a great holiday gift for a special little town!

On a final note, it reminded me of the inns years ago I would stay at when traveling outside London looking for antiques.   The best inns (and their great pubs) were located in out of the way towns, filled with local people and chatter, and good comfort food. (see below) It made you feel at home…part of a community, even though you were thousands of miles away from home.  And now I can get the same feeling by just driving a half hour!

Trust me, this place is well worth your trip…in fact, I loved it so much I went back the following night with my friends, Bonnie & Mary and Dick & Eugenia Novik…and I got the same feeling all over again.  The place was packed and the 5 of us shared a table for two.  What’s a small table between good friends?!

Hammertown hopes you’ll visit the Falls Village Inn, whether to dine or stay.  And be sure to tell Colin and Susan that Hammertown sent you!


  • Dan Shaw says:

    I was there last night, and it felt happy, cozy, alive. Thank you Joan for helping to make bring the Falls Village Inn back to life!

  • I just love where I live, and I can’t wait to visit the Falls Village Inn. We are all so very fortunate.

  • We don’t know how to thank you Joan for everything you have done for us! You’ll be glad to know that we get complemented on our “good taste” every night! The weight of the flatware and the elegance of our glassware is something you don’t find in places that charge far more. We tell everyone that having “good taste” is easy, just go see Joan at Hammertown!

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