Turkey 101 Earns an A+

This was our inaugural cooking class in our new Hammertown Kitchen…and it was a big hit (certainly not a “turkey”)!

Sixteen people joined John McFadden – butcher extraordinaire and proprietor of the renowned Staubitz Market in Cobblehill, and his wife, Christine Kim, for this incredibly informative and fun class.  (John was featured just last week in the New York Times — you can read the article here)

John and Christine showed us all the various ways one can cook a turkey.  Some were familiar: a traditional roasted turkey — cooked low and slow; a wet-brined turkey (which is brined in water, salt, herbs and spices for 24 hours) and one I’d never heard of — a dry-brined turkey (which is kind of like it sounds…covered with salt and put in the fridge for 3 days before cooking).  Of course, there was a taste test of all the turkeys (YUM!) along with some delicious sides of mashed potatoes (of course); cranberry sauce; wonderful roasted Brussels sprouts and stuffing.  Needless to say we were all stuffed by the end of the evening.

Another part of the class involved how to carve a turkey.  Who better to learn from than an experienced and charming butcher?  Everything from how to sharpen the knife to how to almost surgically remove the breast meat and slice it like a pro.

The reviews across the board were raves and everyone is begging John and Christine for a return engagement…which we are already planning!

By the way…the winning turkey was the dry-brined bird.  It was so good we’re sharing the recipe here on our website.  Just click here to get it.

Thanks Christine and John for an extraordinary evening of cooking!!  We’ll look forward to your return!

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