Now you’ll REALLY know where your food is coming from


I was away from the store last week and came back to find a lovely burlap bag and a note from Lisa Thomas.  The bag itself, with nothing in it, intrigued me.  So, I went to the website  printed on the back of the attached card and I was hooked from the minute I entered the site. (

It’s sort of like a rural version of “Fresh Direct” except for one big difference:  Rusty Tractor Farm Market is an online farmers’ market that features only foods handmade or homegrown in our own corner of the Hudson Valley.  Most of the items in their online store come from farms or producers no further away than 25 miles from their warehouse/distribution site conveniently located right on Route 82 & Bulls Head Rd. in Stanfordville NY.  (That’s pretty impressive when you consider that most food we eat travels an average of 1,500 before it gets to our tables.)  In fact, when we finally sat down to talk with Lisa, she shared a recipe for Boeuf Bourguignon with us that she prepared last week with ingredients from no more than 6 miles from her home.  (It’s this week’s recipe of the week…click here to get it!)

We feel very fortunate to have working farms and artisanal food producers in our area who continue to be stewards of the land and work with their hands to produce food that we can all enjoy. These are foods that we enjoy eating and that we think represent the best of what our area has to offer. We try to support smaller farms and producers who do not have exposure at supermarkets or who produce in very small amounts. We have also chosen producers who feel strongly about sustainability and preserving farmland and farming traditions. — Lisa & Paul Thomas, Rusty Tractor Farm Market

All us “foodies” know those farms and food producers are out there and many of them are providing the best produce, bread and meats available to the fine farm to table restaurants and specialty stores in our area but Lisa has done the hard work of finding these purveyors and making their products available to us in an easy and innovative way.  Rusty Tractor even carries locally handcrafted soaps and other body products.

Here are just a few of Rusty Tractor’s impressive (and still-growing) list of purveyors:

How great to have this kind of access to small local purveyors–especially now that the farmer’s markets have closed!  Like so many of you, I am passionate about our local farms, food markets and food artisans.  I’m also passionate about supporting new and creative businesses like Lisa’s, so I hope you’ll join me in giving Rusty Tractor Farm Market a big Hammertown welcome by visiting their website. I’ve already got my eye on their Rusty Tractor Farm Gift Basket for the upcoming holidays.

To order from Rusty Tractor, you simply go to their website; choose the products you want to purchase and pay online.  If your order is in by Wednesday at 5:00 pm, you’ll be able to pick up your food (packed in those attractive, biodegradable, burlap bags) on Saturday morning.  How much more fresh-from-the-farm can you get?

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