Joan’s Pick: My Better World Savings Bank

I have to admit, this is one of my favorite new items for kids in the store.

The principles behind this savings bank came from John D. Rockefeller who taught his children to save their money in 3 jars.  One jar was for saving money; one for spending, and the third for charity.

This bank is beautifully crafted out of wood and provides a fun and educational way to teach kids important lessons about financial responsibility and philanthropy.  Each bank comes with stickers which lets you personalize your bank, as well as a Passbook to keep track of your child’s savings.  Whenever money is spent to buy something, there’s a place in the Passbook to write down what you bought and how it made you feel.  Frankly, I think we should all have one of these banks…not just our kids!!

What a wonderful gift for any child!

Buy at any of our stores or click here to see more images and order online right now.

To read more about the My Better World Savings Bank, click here.

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