Design Master Confronts the Design Disaster

If you’re reading this, you probably know my mom. You know, the design maven, the “hardest workin’ woman in retail”, the “real” Martha Stewart™ (kidding Martha!). Joan.

Well, I’m Gregg. I’ve been working with her for about 25 years now. At first, it was, admittedly, somewhat imaginary (me, 12 years old, staring down cars as they drove by, willing them to stop and shop). But a year or so later, her early investment in Apple technology (1982: Apple IIe, $2,500) paid off, and I was able to pull together her first mailing list on Filemaker II. Ever since, whether at home or abroad, I’ve been point on all things technology-driven.

One of the funny consequences of being the son of a design hero? I don’t know a thing about home design. When I took down the wall in the Main House,* my education began.

Our story takes place inside the 1800 Greek-Revival at Hammertown in Pine Plains

For the next 5 weeks, as we prepare for our 25th Year Anniversary here at Hammertown, I will share with you our experience creating a new space within the old, introduce you to the local pros who helped to make it happen and tell the story of a mother and son, who happen to be friends and collaborators, as they work through their issues, one ridiculous color choice at a time.

This marks beginning of a new chapter here at Hammertown and we invite you to take part both in the storytelling here on our blog and the story making that continues on September 5th in a special place we like to call Hammertown’s Home. Stay tuned, ask questions and tell your friends.

Next week: The first impasse…call in Camilla!

Photographs of Hammertown’s Main House from over the years.

*Well, it wasn’t actually me, but I’ll get into that next week.

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  • dana simpison says:

    love this blog and the vintage pics of hammertown! contgrats (dear brother) on taking the leap into home design. i knew you could not escape forever. some questions…please add some pics of the room you are redoing…i know our readers would like some real “before pics” of what the place looked like 15 years after these fabulous style shots were taken. also, do tell…what is that odd pic of the kitchen sink and garden hose amidst those style shots? our readers must know. are these pics from an article in a magazine? i know i have seen them but cannot remember. kudos to you!!!


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