Welcome our newest Choice: Wanda Furman – Home Style Consultant

Hammertown readers  might already be familiar with Wanda’s name.  She was a pivotal force behind the Gatehouse Redo in Pine Plains this spring and she styled the recent photo shoot we had for our newly-published brochure.

This past February, Auntie M did a 3 part interview with Joan and Wanda when they discussed the renovation of the Gatehouse (click here) as well as the collaborative nature of their relationshipwhen planning the renovation.  In the first interview (click here for Part 1) , you can get a deeper understanding of why Wanda is such a wonderful “find” when it comes to home decorating and design.  Even Joan, the tour-de-force behind everything “Hammertown” relies on Wanda’s discerning eye:

” I go to Wanda often to ask for her “fresh eye” in my own home…what I need to keep…what’s working…what isn’t. She styled my home for the APG Garden Tour this summer. Wanda really does help you bring your soul, style and spirit into your home. She’s helped me a lot with mine.”

To get in touch with Wanda, email joan@hammertown.com or call Joan at the Barn at 518.398.7075

–  Dana Simpson

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  • Leslie Denniston says:

    ok, I was “Furmanized” this week and can honestly say that Wanda changed my whole attitude about my home and the possibilities of simple changes. She is incredibly talented…….and so much fun to be with. What a treasure. So thank you, Joan for yet another “find” from the Hammertown Barn! ( I hope she doesn’t become too popular ’cause i really need her! )
    On another note….I was checking the HB website and saw the piece about the “Wassaic Project”. I’ve never even heard of it and I’m so excited to find out more. Wow.
    I’m going back to the site now to look at the restaurant stuff!
    Thanks and love,

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