A Recommendation from Joan!

Sometimes I come across a place or a person or a business that I just have to share with our readers.  A couple weeks ago I found just such a person.  His name is Derek Scheer and he’s a true craftsman and a really nice guy!

When you have a small carpentry job, painting, floor refinishing, etc. to be  done, Derek will return your call promptly and come — often right away!  Hammertown had problem last week where our front door (after 25 years) would not stay closed, unless we locked it.   As you can guess it was a bit of an emergency as it was cold outside, and locking your front door is  not very good for business.  I emailed Derek, and within a 1/2 hour he was here and within an hour,  I had a door that would stay closed.

I originally found Derek (of Scheer Quality Craftsmanship) when we used him to gut the kitchen in the main house on the Hammertown property.  He was there on time and got the job done within a week.  I was so pleased with his work ethic and efficiency and his willingness to do the smallest of jobs, that I asked him to do some odd jobs around my property.  So, when I had this problem with the front door, he was right here to help!

So, kudos to you Derek!   If you give Derek a call, let him know you heard about him from Hammertown.

Derek Scheer
Scheer Quality Craftsmanship
27 Willow Street
Pine Plains, NY 12567