It’s a Hammertown Dog’s Life(Style) – Meet Etta!

Dogs have been an essential part of the Hammertown Lifestyle from the very beginning when Ashley, our first Golden Retriever, graced Hammertown with her majestic presence.  She set the standard, breaking the couch barrier for all that would follow.

Lola loved Alexa

Lola loved Alexa

At Hammertown, dogs rule. They are Hammertown’s official greeters, furniture testers and spokes-models…and that’s just their day job. After hours they help maintain the physical and emotional well being of their caretakers, reminding us of the importance of good food, frequent walks, love and affection.  And, to top it off, they look really good on all of our furniture. What more could you ask for?

When Lola (our beautiful Laborador) passed away last year, I took my time in deciding whether or not to get a new dog to keep Abby (our second Golden Retriever) company in her duties at Hammertown.  However, with regular visits from Foxy and Snooker – world champion shop dogs in their own right – I thought perhaps there was little we could do to improve our doggy lot.  So, I waited.

But then came Etta…

Etta's profile at Perfect Pets

Etta's profile at Perfect Pets

As it turns out, my son’s girlfriend, Brooke, had been advocating a pet rescue for some time. They’d considered surprising me at various points over the past year, yet for fear of a poor fit and stressing me out, Gregg always pulled the plug on the idea.  But when Gregg mentioned to Brooke how I had said I would love a dog just like Foxy, she went searching online and found Etta who happened to be en route from a kill-shelter Georgia to Red Hook at that very moment.  From her picture and picture-perfect description (a Pug-mix, 20lbs, affectionate, smart, 1 year), they were convinced they had found the dog for me.  They contacted Perfect Pets Rescue (more on this wonderful organization below) through their website and arranged for our introduction over in Red Hook.

edited-ettaI admit it, I was nervous, maybe even skeptical that it would work out.  When I met Etta, it was obvious that she was adorable and smart, but did I really have enough time to spend training a new dog right now?  It didn’t take long though.  Within a week, Etta had won me, Abby, Gregg, Brooke and everyone at the Barn over with a charm offensive that would impress even Bill Clinton.  As our vet, Tina Aiken, said during Etta’s first visit – “she’s a keeper”.

If you have any interest in getting a dog, you really should consider Perfect Pets Rescue ( They are a non-profit organization that rescues dogs from high-kill shelters in Georgia.  After giving the dogs a proper “vetting” (i.e. healthcare), Perfect Pets transports these unlucky-lucky dogs to Red Hook, New York in search of good homes. 

Etta at work answering the phone.

Etta at work answering the phone.

Once they arrive, the dogs go to foster homes throughout the area until suitable homes are found for them.  There is a modest adoption fee to help cover the costs of the program, including transport of the dogs and the necessary care needed to ensure the dogs are healthy and ready to share someone’s home with them.

As you can tell by a quick look at their dog listing, there are a lot of cute dogs in need of a good home.  Each dog has a helpful description and picture to go along with it, so you can find the right match before you visit.

Etta’s story has a happy ending…and I have a new adorable friend that Abby just loves!

We love our pets here at Hammertown (and we know you love yours too).  So, we’re asking you, our readers and customers, to share your stories (AND PICTURES) of that wonderful furry (or not furry) friend of yours who loves you unconditionally, always listens and sometimes even makes you laugh. 
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  • Elizabeth says:

    Kudos to you, Joan, for adopting a rescue doggie. They are the best kind. We all know when the economy dips that people relinquish their dogs and cats in greater numbers. Thank you for doing your part to help counteract that trend. There’s no better home than a Hammertown home!!

  • Kathleen says:

    YEAH! I couldn’t be happier for you! I can’t wait to visit Hammertown and your new 4-legged official greeter!

    As someone who has volunteered much of my time and services to the DCSPCA over the past decade, I know first hand how hard these times are for shelter/rescue animals. Young or old, big or small, these animals need loving homes. Lucky Etta, she has found just that.

    Rescue dogs love you in a way no other dog can.

    Welcome to Pine Plains Etta!

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