The Greens Restaurant at Copake Country Club

A brilliant dining experience awaits you at The Greens—a restaurant and bar serving club fare and finely prepared American cuisine. Whether or not a round of golf is your bag, or sitting near an outdoor fireplace at sunset with a cocktail in hand is your idea of heaven, you are encouraged to kick off your shoes and indulge in the pleasures of the season.

That’s how The Greens’ website describes their restaurant at the Copake Country Club and they are exactly right!

I’d been trying to get Joan to come with me to The Greens for some time.  I happen to have played golf at Copake Country Club over the years and couldn’t believe it when friends of mine (who are very discerning diners) told me to check out The Greens last year.  I had remembered the restaurant as serving basic bar food…it was fine but it wasn’t “fine dining”.  Anyway, we went with our friends  and were unexpectedly  impressed.  Now finally,  with the help of some other friends of Joan’s (who are also fans of The Greens) we were finally able to all sit down for a wonderful dining experience last week.

First of all, the setting is gorgeous.  The nine of us started with cocktails out on the deck overlooking the golf course and Copake Lake with the Berkshires in the distance.  There is also an outdoor seating area on the other side with an outdoor fireplace where many golfers end up after playing a round of golf.

The main dining room feels spacious yet cozy.  The owner of the country club & restaurant, Jon Urban, was on hand to make us feel especially welcome and made sure everyone was well taken care of by his attentive and well-trained staff.   Interestingly, Jon bought the Copake Country Club a few years ago and made vast improvements to the club house and the course.  (By buying the property he also saved it from developers who wanted to take out the course and replace it with a few hundred condos.  Kudos to you, Jon!) After improving the course, he felt the restaurant needed some updating too….including its menu.  He wanted to keep the atmosphere relaxed but wanted to make it more “upscale” dining.  When the restaurant came up for sale he decided to risk it all and buy it too.  He renovated the space and hired Chef Glenn Strickling, formerly of the very highly-regarded John Andrews Restaurant in Egremont, as his Executive Chef.

“Jon’s accomplished what he set out to do”, said Joan.  “It is upscale but it feels like you’re in a family-run restaurant…it’s authentic and I love that!”

Okay…now about the food.  A few of us started with a wonderful Frisee & Roasted Beet Salad with Blue Cheese, Walnuts, Bacon and Champaign Vinaigrette.  They used red and yellow beets…which I loved!  The frisee was very tasty…not bitter like it can be…and the vinaigrette pulled it all together nicely. [click photos to enlarge]


Several people ordered the Pan Seared Sea Scallops.  I had had them the last time I’d been to the Greens and highly recommended them.  The scallops were perfectly done and came with garlic spinach, shitake mushrooms and something I’d never had before — Basmati Rice Chive Pancakes.  I could order a stack of these and would be happy!  Joan pronounced the scallop dish  “Absolutely delicious!!”

I had the Cumin & Chili Roasted Chicken with black beans, chorizo and sweet peppers.  It’s a slow-roasted half-chicken.  The skin was nice and crisp and the black beans were firm and sweet and totally yummy with the chorizo and peppers and it too came with VERY delicious garlic spinach.

Amy said her Pan Roasted Scottish Salmon was also terrific.  It comes with barley (which I never would have thought of) and a tomato and scallion salad.


Barry ordered the Slow Roasted Tender Pork Spare Ribs and absolutely loved them.   They came with mashed potatoes and a house made BBQ sauce.

Everyone cleaned their plates and were hardly able to think about dessert.  We did order one for the table to share…a Warm Banana Walnut Bread Pudding with Creme Anglaise.  Made in house…it was superb and we all went home full and happy!

It’s great to know there’s a wonderful restaurant so near by.  Copake Country Club is just 10 minutes from Hillsdale and about 25 minutes from Millerton.  If you don’t already know how to get to the Copake Country Club, you can get directions here on their website at:  www.copakecountryclub.comgreens-deck

The good news is The Greens restaurant and Bar are open year round.   (By the way, the Wine List is very good and the Club Menu is great too!!) And, even though summer might be over there are still some beautiful evenings left to visit The Greens for a cocktail and appetizers on the deck before dinner.

Jon also shared with us that they’re going to open the course this winter for snow-shoeing and cross-country skiing.  Imagine…a beautiful day of skiing and then up to the restaurant for a Hot Toddy and an incredible meal…it almost makes winter sound bearable.

So here’s the final word from Joan –

“Try it this fall…I promise you…you won’t be disappointed.  And, remember, let them know you heard about The Greens from Hammertown…your source for the best in local dining!”

The Greens at Copake Country Club
44 Golf Course Road
Copake Lake, NY 12521
Phone: 518-325-0019

Menus available on their website

Sunday – Thursday:  11 am-9pm
Friday & Saturday:  11am-10pm
Sunday Brunch:  11am-2:30pm


  • Amy Gold says:

    You sure did capture the essence of the evening! The review and photos absolutely reflect the wonderful meal and experience we had. Let’s do it again sometime.


  • Kathy Bergquist says:

    My husband and I love The Greens and have had the same experiences as written in this wonderful review.

    I’m happy that there will be some seasonal additions to the fall menu…and the thought of sitting by the fireplace in winter is something to look forward to!

    Kathy B.

  • peggy rose says:

    Dissapointed in the New Years Eve menu, lead us to believe we were getting “Maine Lobster”
    when all it was, was a noodle dish with little pieces of lobster and I think sausage, not quite sure. We had to scrap around for the lobster. A pound and a half you said, ha.
    Anyway, our friends went over to the Taconic Wayside Inn and had Surf and Turf for $35.00.
    Sorry this had to happen to us local people as we are the ones that keep you going through the slow and bad times.

  • Auntie M says:

    We’ll forward your comment to The Greens, Peggy.

  • Joyce says:

    I disagree with Peggy’s comment. I was at The Greens for their New Years celebration this year and it was great. The New Years eve menu and the food was wonderful.

    In regards to her complaint, the menu CLEARLY stated that this was a pasta dish. The menu said it was lobster meat (not shelled lobster) over pappardelle, which is a thick pasta. The menu also mentioned that mixed in with the lobster meat, was chorizo, a mexican sausage. The chef is also very knowledgeable, and if the menu said that it was a pound and a half, then there was a pound and a half in the dish. These problems could have been easily avoided, by simply reading the menu before ordering. A restaurant can not be blamed when a customer is ordering a dish they don’t understand.

    As well, this is the only complaint that was heard the entire evening on New Years. And one that could have been fixed very easily by simply asking their waitress, “Can you explain this dish please?”.

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