New Hope for a New Era

“If you want to go quickly, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together.”  (African Proverb)

On Tuesday, with the Inauguration of our new President, I sent a staff email out that began with the above quote.  It was my way of telling my wonderful staff that Hammertown’s name, its brand, its vision and inspiration is a blend of what my team has helped me create.

And, to you my customer, this is my way of telling you that we need each other’s support. Your loyalty and your continued enthusiasm for what Hammertown brings to the Hudson Valley is so much appreciated.


Photo from the NY Times

So, just as our new President urged us to go forward together, I ask you, our loyal customers, to help Hammertown and our local community get through these difficult times together.  Support your “downtown” economy…it’s your neighborhood.  You don’t want to see it disappear.

Here’s an anecdote that clearly makes the point:  Recently a customer came in and happened to mention they were going out to the mall to look for appliances. I told them my story of buying appliances for my own home.  Of course, price was  a concern, but there was also a concern to think of supporting our local businesses .   I did check out prices at other places, but in the end, I went with our local appliance store in Millerton, Campbell and Keeler.  They were fairly priced (not the cheapest but absolutely fair), and with that purchase came a sense of loyalty which continued to develop over the years of buying appliances with them.  Knowing that if I had any problem with a dishwasher or stove all I had to do was call them and they were there immediately.   And, that’s a big deal when you live in the country!

A few days later I saw the customer who I had this conversation with and guess what… They, too, ended up in Millerton.  They were pleased with their purchase and were happy to discover the true value of  supporting their community by supoorting  a local business.

There is much hope and good will right now in America…and for America from people around the world.  I also know the road ahead will be challenging for all of us.   As we each go forward into this new era of  “hopeful uncertainty” I am going to try to remember that sense of celebration and unity we feel today and I will do my best to carry it with me and share it throughout the year.

Here’s to Hope!

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  • Kathleen says:

    What a wonderful message you send to all of us! My husband is a contractor who restores old homes in this area. He too will ALWAYS recommend local dealers, like Campbell and Keeler. For his NY customers, there is a great comfort in knowing that if something does go wrong, their appliances will be promptly taken care of with a home service call. Let’s see a Big Box store do that! Until you experience a visit to a local business, you forget what “service” (friendly, old-fashioned service) is all about.

    Thank you Joan for always reminding us to shop local. I always say “You get what yo pay for”. Service, care, personal attention, and quality are priceless.

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