Choices, Change & Hope

I admit it. I have spent my fair share of time over the past few months wondering what on earth the future holds. Like many of us, I’ve never witnessed a time of such deep and profound change such as we have been experiencing these last few months.

From the dramatic economic, political and environmental changes we face to the equally remarkable rise of our future president sounding the call for hope and change – my ears are ringing with history in the making. So, while at times I am nervous about navigating through this uncharted territory, the best I can do is embrace the excitement I feel to play my part, however big or small, to help usher in a new era in American life and, yes, American lifestyle.

As a business owner and small town enthusiast, my approach is three-fold.

First. Take stock.
Hammertown is in the business of making homes comfortable, beautiful and unique. I look back at my 24 years of experience with pride in the quality and style we have brought to the homes of the Hudson Valley. Each of our stores offers curated selections of home furnishings and gifts to our customers. We have set the standard for design, quality and value in our area and every day we hear our loyal customers tell us how much they love both the furnishings and the inspiration Hammertown has brought to their homes over the years.

We are in the business of bringing value and substance to our customers’ lives. We have survived the wave of big box stores that have hit the area because of both the great products we offer and the attention and care we provide our customers. We offer quality products, invaluable customer service and make every effort to provide these goods and services at prices that are affordable. At Hammertown, you invest in your home and lifestyle with products that will live on in your home over the years as cherished, heirloom pieces.

Second. Look to your community.
We have been preaching to our customers and community for years about the importance of shopping locally. Beyond the product or service you get, buying locally should be seen quite simply as investing in your community rather than large corporate or internet stores. Furthermore, it is the role of the local entrepreneur to identify the ever-changing needs of the community and find ways to effectively fulfill those needs.

But we all know there’s more to building community than shopping. In addition to offering great products and value, over the years I have learned just how important it is for small businesses to work together with local people and organizations to foster the development and growth of vibrant communities. Local business is one of the pillars of any small community. We do this by providing good jobs, valuable services and a vibrant local marketplace.

Hammertown has leveraged our success to support many community organizations and local businesses. From local institutions like the Berkshire Taconic Foundation to community services and grassroots organizations, Hammertown has continually placed a high value on giving back. We developed a “Live Local” brochure that highlights our partner businesses in the region and continue to support these partners on our website and blog (see the back page for more on what’s happening online). In times like these, this basic belief in mutual support is one that propels me forward.

The Hope that this country chose on November 4th is nothing without people coming together and actively seeking out the kinds of changes they want to see in the world.  We at Hammertown are ready to join with our community and make choices to support this Hope for a better world.

Third. Grow and evolve.
So, with Hope, Change and yes, a dash of uncertainty, we at Hammertown are choosing to march forward and continue to do what we do best, which includes evolving to the changing needs of our communities and our customers.

This time of year, our customers’ needs center around the upcoming holiday season; both the gift-giving elements and the seasonal need to enhance our homes for family and friends. While times may be tight, we are ready to help you check off all the names on your list and bring warmth and comfort into your home decor.

As a gift resource, we have built a selection that is truly unique and special. Hammertown prides itself on being a source for all your gift-giving needs and this year is certainly no different. We have always felt that gifts should be useful, beautiful and most of all, something the recipient will cherish for years to come. Many customers come here to do literally ALL their shopping, and this year, more than ever, we are ready to help you. You can really count on Hammertown to provide one-stop shopping. We have a great selection for the home chef, wonderful books for design and interior fanatics, jewelry, scarves and accessories, kitchen gadgets and specialty items, bed and bath items and an amazingly curated baby and kids collection.

Come to Hammertown to invest in your home and your life. We all thrive in places that reflect our unique inner “soul”. At Hammertown it is our goal to help you develop and feed the soul of your home with pieces you will keep for a long, long time. From custom zinc dining tables from local artist Tim Jones of Stissing Design to unique, decorative pillows; Simon Pearce glassware, Pine Cone Hill bedding, Dash and Albert Rugs to an incredibly large selection of home items from small, independent companies. We are so excited about the beautiful array of gifts and home furnishings available at Hammertown this holiday season, and we think you will be too.

I look forward to welcoming you and yours this holiday season. It is a most demanding time of year for us here at Hammertown as we strive to provide the very best service we can. That said, it is also our favorite time of year – a time of reflection, anticipation, hope, generosity and gratitude. In this spirit, I welcome customers both new and old to come visit Hammertown and all the local businesses that make our towns so special. Help our local economy thrive; take a drive to Pine Plains & Millerton, Rhinebeck or Great Barrington. You won’t be disappointed.