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Reprinted with permission from the author

Reprinted with permission from the author

Speaking of Weeds…

Here are some tips for August gardening from Margaret Roach, creator of the “A Way to Garden” website.  Anne Raver of the New York Times calls it “the best garden blog I’ve ever seen”!

“I SOMETIMES THINK THAT AUGUST, not April, is the cruelest month (though T.S. Eliot thought otherwise). Hazy, hot and humid…and plum tuckered out. But give up we must not. Every weed pulled now is a hundred you don’t have to deal with later (well, who knows the precise math of mama weed to baby weed, but you get the idea: prevention!). Don’t let them go to seed.”

Click here to go the A Way to Garden website.

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  • margaret says:

    If all the weeds were not enough, I have been without internet for 5 days now, so am just getting to this at my wifi outings (no way to run a website!). Thanks so much. My niece calls me Aunty M, by the way, but with a y instead of ie at the end.

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