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  • Rosey says:

    I always felt fortunate when I had a few quiet moments alone with Lola. She would relax and appreciate affection. At moments like that, I knew her gentle elegance and felt lucky to be with her.

    Just recently, when I visited with her, she seemed reserved yet content to be talked to and touched despite her weakness. She had a regal quality that I admire.

  • Jeff Daly says:

    So sad. She was always the grand dame of Hammertown and such a great hostess. I will always miss her sweet face and affectionate snuggle. But who’s going to manage the store now!!!

  • Ruth Zapol says:

    I will miss Lola, my favorite old gentle dog

  • Bid Farm- Candice[BJ] destefano says:

    Dear Joan& friends at Hammertown,
    Ms. Lola was a gem just like Hammertown Barn
    I met Lola when I moved north in 1995 and found my new favorite store and still is today, I called Lola doll face when I saw her, when she stood her ground on the first floor I knew she was trying to tell me I needed to seek out Joans discounted items which many fill my homes today.
    thank you Ms.Lola for your doll face and years of devotion, you will me missed by many.
    Candice BJ destefano

  • Rhonda Cayea says:

    Having been a co-worker of Lola’s for over twenty years-I too shall miss our Miss Lola. I cried after reading the blog that Gregg so eloquently wrote. We are a family here at Hammertown, I remember the day Lola became a family member like it was yesterday, my two boys were (much younger) and part of the celebration. To be a Hammertown Dog is a wonderful life, they are loved by so many and get the very best life. I have been with the company so long I can go back a couple of generations of Hammertown dogs…so I can remember how special each one was. I used to love how slowly Lola would return from the paddock in front of the barn when called…she always had her own time schedule. I will not think of the loss of her, but rather celebrate her magical life and what she brought us…a smile.
    Rest easy Lola-Rhonda

  • Brenda says:

    I am so, so sorry to hear of Lola’s death. She was such a lovely creature and a very special part of each visit to The Barn. What a courageous, gentle and beautiful lady she was. She touched many hearts and will be greatly missed.


  • Paul Higgins says:

    My deepest condolances to all at Hammertown, I’ll miss Lola’s persistant efforts for headscratching…while I try to record Joan’s radio ads!

  • Laurie Lovice says:

    A beautiful life has left its mark. We should always celebrate the lessons learned from those of our beloved animals friends.

  • Howard Berg says:

    Our Lab, Charley , is particularly fond of her
    Mitchell Gold Sofa but not our MG chairs. She’s 12 yrs. old and loves her comfort. Like Lola, she’s been a great companion and has lots of human and dog friends. Aren’t dogs amazing ?

  • Pat Owens says:

    Part of the charm of Hammertown Barn was your wonderful Lola. Your loving tribute to her rings true for all of us whose pets share our everyday lives.

  • Jen R. says:

    What a lovely tribute to Lola!! I will always remember her unusual way of coming down the stairs!

    She will be missed by all.

    Beautifully written Gregg.


  • Oh, dear….how sad is the loss of one’s best friend? no words can convey the aching, or the space that is so unfillable..

    we loved Lola, and she will remain in our hearty, and so will you….God bless you for giving her such a good life….and God bless her for giving the same to all of us!!!

    arf arf

  • We loved Lola. She was such a sweet and beautiful dog. A memory we have is taking walks with her through the corn fields and Thompson Pond. We remember her taking short dips in the pool in the hot of summer to cool down. We’re all going to miss her and send Gregg, Joan and the Hammertown family big hugs and lots of love. May she rest in peace.

  • Priya says:

    That is is beautiful Gregg. That is her exactly. It was a good day if Lola chose to spend time with you and I loved her very much. There is no one like Lola and I will miss the beautiful poochaloo.



  • Ronnie and Cathy says:

    We were so sad to hear of Lola’s passing. What a lucky girl she was to have had you all as her family. To have shared such a lovely companionship for so long is so difficult to have end. However, the memories you all have of Lola are a wonderful tribute to her life and to her friendship. Bless her sweet heart!

  • Anna Johnson says:

    I just wanted to let you know this was read in New Zealand! I have friends in Michigan who sent it to me as I have a dog homestay business and am currently looking after their dogs.
    I am really sorry you have lost Lola and know there will be a big gap in your lives and that she will be missed by the people of Hammertown. You obviously have many lovely memories of Lola and I enjoyed reading your tribute to her and seeing the lovely photos of her. She obviously had a wonderful life with you.
    Kind regards,

  • Kerry-Fed-Ex Ground says:

    My Dearest Friend Lola, I didn’t have a chance to tell you the last time we saw each other how much I appreciated your friendship and loving company. I always looked forward to seeing Hammertown Barn on my stop list for the day. You were so galliant until the end. I could see you in the distance slowly getting up because you heard my truck approaching. Upon arrival, you had greeted me like you had a couple years left in you. I thought that we would meet again Monday for the pet on the head in exchange for a lick on my face. You, with the help of your sister Abby, made life so simple. A common bond that made all your pain disappear, even for just a moment and all the stess of my day just float away. Thank you Lola for making it all better. I wish you were there on Monday. Even more, I should have given you that extra cookie. O.K., I did. But Gregg didn’t know. Don’t tell him. I miss you Lola. May the tree planted in your memory forever hold your love over Hammertown.
    Love You Lola,

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