Behind the scenes of “Love Where You Live”

As promised, we’re giving you a few sneak peeks of what goes on behind the scenes in creating our book “Love Where You Live”.

The home shown in the “unofficial” photos below, belongs to an artist and a writer.  These are two very creative and talented people.  The proof? They built the house themselves.  And, I don’t mean they had the house built…they actually did the work.

Like all of the homes Abby and I have been attracted to in creating our book, this home reflects the talents and interests of its owners as well as their union to the land where their house “lives”.  Everything about the property– the home, the barn (with an art studio in the loft) and the “cottage in the field” writing studio, reflects their careful thought in purpose and design.

This couple lives, works and creates in their home, and you see how their talents compliment each other.  He built the house; she did the landscaping and what they have created together is amazing.

“Love Where you Live” – Coming to a bookstore near you in Spring 2013!



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