Warning: Adults Only! Tooth Fairy 101

Just like the title says…this one’s just for grown-ups.

Even though I had quite a while to prepare (from start to finish it took 3+ months), the night my daughter’s first tooth popped out I still had not decided what our tooth fairy would do.

“Do?” you say, “What do you mean do?”

I know, it seems pretty cut and dried: Sneak in, take the tooth, leave a coin or two behind and sneak out, right?  Wrong.  If you are an obsessively creative/crafty person like me, you will realize the opportunity inherent in such an occasion. Why, all you have to do is Google “tooth fairy” and you will see how creative these winged wonders are getting these days.

Aside from trailers for the recent film about this important job, you will find letters, certificates, poems and a host of other ideas for how to best commemorate the special occasions when your child loses his/her teeth.  So, after searching through many different ideas here is what I came up with…

Lillie loved the letter and the “golden dollar” (I have a stash from the meters at Metro-North parking) that accompanied it.  I personalized the one you see on the right but made a PDF  without names so, should the occasion arise, you can make it your own.  Just click the image to get a PDF you can print out!

Have fun…but don’t let the kids find out!